Playlist January 16th!

Happy Monday! 

Here are some crunchy tunes to kick off your week in audible style! The ones that have (in my humble opinion) particularly great videos have an asterisk and the youtube link in parentheses.  

1. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros “Home” 

2. Lana Del Rey “Video Games”* (

3. The Knife “Heartbeats” * (

4. Frankie Valli “Beggin”*(

5. Florence and the Machine “Dog Days are Over”

6. The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition”

7. The Cure “Pictures of You”

8. He’s my Brother, She’s my Sister “How’m I Gonna Get Back Home” (this one’s cute & home-made, but worth looking up just to watch the tap dancer who creates the percussion!

9. Lykke Li “I Follow Rivers”

10. Pete Townshend “Let My Love Open The Door”

To listen to the whole playlist, check it out on Spotify (you’ll need to be a member, but it’s free and an awesome way to share tunes!). The address is:

(Also, most of the songs are available for download on iTunes!)

Hope you enjoy! Check back next Monday for more music! Have a fantastic week! 


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