Home Pride Wall Art

Today’s craft is a fun and easy wall art project any one can do! Heart Home Maps! Love your home? Want to make something to commemorate all the places you and a special someone have lived? Thinking of a present for someone who lives far away? This project is perfect! 

– Map of location 
– Scissors, Elmers Glue and Pen
– Heart sticker or Red Paper to cut out heart
– Picture Frame
*I used an old dictionary page for mine! (I used the page with the word Home on it)

How To Make It:
1. Go online and find an image of the state you want. This is a good site. Print out the state and cut it out. 
2. Trace the image of the state onto your map over the section you want to focus on.
3. Cut state out.
4. Either stick on heart sticker, or cut out your own heart and glue it on over your city!
5. Frame and admire!

You can use your scissors to out a heart around your selected are like this!

Here Are Mine:
Hope you like this! Enjoy!


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