The Enigma Of Liking Things

           Everyone has those little things. Those things that you really want to like but just can’t. All around you people seem to just looovvee this stuff and you want to, or its something that normally you would like, but you just can’t get behind it. As I was thinking about this today, a few lists evolved in my head about the puzzle of liking things. I thought I would share. 

           Things I really want to like but just can’t seem to:

Game Of Thrones, Velvet, Poker, Guinness, Eat, Pray, Love, Pie, Monopoly, Karaoke, Natalie Portman, Black Coffee, Fleetwood Mac, White Roses, Bridesmaids!!, Ernest Hemingway, Pink Eyeshadow, annnnddd shocking-but-true… Harry Potter

           Things that no one else seems to like but I adore:

The Brothers Grimm, Pizza With No Sauce, Guidebooks, Power Walking for Exercise, Over-exposed Pictures, Ankle Socks, Junior Mints, Tilt-A-Whirls, Umbrellas in Drinks, Ke$ha, Thesauruses, Roller-Rinks, Peas:

           Things I truly love but don’t love me back:

Turtlenecks, Playing Basketball, Gin, Memory Foam, Guitar Hero, Pore Strips, Orange Lipstick, Skinny Jeans, Cutting My Own Bangs:
Nuff Said.


2 thoughts on “The Enigma Of Liking Things

  1. Sarah

    I completely understand not getting into black coffee – gross! What's more shockin than not gettin into HP (not that odd) is the white roses! But, roses of any kind are a favorite!Annnddddd your bangs are awesome…! I totally cut my own bangs, semi-successfully :)P.S…. Just saw you perform and loved it! Andddd you! 🙂


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