Dye Drop Top

Hey Crafters!
I’m not getting totally in the spirit of Easter with coloring eggs, but I am doing a project that involves dye! Today’s project is a DIY top I found from a fantastic DIY blog, Made In Pretoria! A little along the lines of easy tie-dye, this fast, easy and cheap project is a fun way to liven up an old shirt or brighten up a new one!

– White or Light Colored Cotton Shirt
– 2-3 Colors of Stamp Dye

How To Make It:
1. Lay out your shirt on a flat surface with a paper bag or something to protect surface from dye underneath, AND a little paper bag between the layers of the shirt so it doesn’t bleed through!
2. Drop your ink in random droplets across your shirt where you want it to be colored

3. Let the droplets sink in and dry until you’re happy with the design
4. Wash in cold water to set the color
5. Enjoy your new shirt!

Here’s Mine! 

Hope you like this! Have a great day and Enjoy!

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