Playlist April 16th!

Happy Music Day!
I am always madly in love with music, but since I started making these weekly playlists, I have fallen even more deeply head over heels. I love Love LOVE spending time every week searching and discovering new artists, rediscovering old artists, and finding music galore. And I LOVE sharing it with all of you! I have a penchant for retro sounds, dance beats, “indie” artists, and all things melodic and lyrical. I hope you enjoy listening to these playlists as much as I enjoy creating them. Here is a new list for a new week! 

1. The Limousines “Internet Killed The Video Star”

2. Jose Gonzalez “Crosses”

3. The Avalanches “Since I Left You”

4. Zola Jesus “Seekir”

5. Velta “Dead Ringer”

6. The Shangri-Las “Give Him A Great Big Kiss”

7. Kings Of Convenience “Misread”

8. The Strokes “What Ever Happened?”

9. Feist “Tout Doucement”

10. The Piano Guys “Without You”

11. God Help The Girl “A Down And Dusky Blonde”

12. Pulp “Do You Remember The First Time?”

13. Lou Christie “Lightnin’ Strikes”

14. Laura Gibson “La Grande”

Hope you like these! To listen to the playlist in whole for FREE, check it out on Spotify! If you like music and haven’t become a member yet, DO SO! It is a phenomenally rad (and FREE) way to listen to music, discover new artists, create playlists, share music with friends and followers and MORE!  

I hope you enjoy these crunchy tunes! Check back next week for more music love, and check in every morning for new daily posts! Have a fantastic week! xoxo

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