Things That Will Never Be Awesome.

For the precursor to this, please see “Things That Will Always Be Awesome.” 

Mosquito Bites ~ Cavities ~ Runs in Stockings ~ Parents who let their children scream in restaurants and theatres ~ Prejudice ~ Blisters ~ Out of Order Arcade Games ~ Out of Order ATMs ~ Going to the dentist ~ Batteries dying ~ Half-Hugs ~ Razor Burn ~ Freezer Burn ~ Feeling Unappreciated ~ Increased Gas Prices ~ When people are reckless with other people’s feelings ~ Speeding Tickets ~ Food Poisoning ~ Losing Things ~ Paying for checked baggage ~ Getting only bills and coupons in the mail ~ Burning Microwave Popcorn ~ Bumper to Bumper Traffic ~ Nails on a Chalkboard ~ Natural Disasters ~ Ice Cream Scoop falling off the Cone ~ Hangovers ~ Biting your Tongue ~ Lying  


2 thoughts on “Things That Will Never Be Awesome.

  1. Greg Nix

    Good list. Except I have to disagree with a couple. My retorts:*Prejudice*- Pride and Prejudice*Food Poisoning*- Poisoning Food (if you're an assassin)*Hangovers*- The Hangover*Lying*- Lying downLove,Greg


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