Do I Have a She-Mullet and Other Concerns

           For a very long time I had very long hair, and about a year ago I cut it into a short bob. Recently I decided to grow it out & I’ve been feelin pretty good about the current in-between phase… until the other day… I was looking at a recent picture of myself and there it was: a little flip out of the under-layer… could it be… a she-mullet? The she-mullet: that elusive creature that sneaks up on women with layered hair when they least expect it…
           It got me thinking – if I have been walking around with what could potentially be a business in the front- party in the back situation, what other issues have I been ignoring? What  lurking troublesome characteristics or personality traits are waiting to pounce? 
           My magazine intake may point towards cause for concern. My love of cheese is definitely out of control… but lets face it, that dependency isn’t going anywhereI could probably curb my chocolate covered almond habit, and maybe I should spend less time on pinterest… ok I should definitely spend less time on pinterest. Hmmmm… 

           An almost definite point for concern is my addiction to stationary related products. There are few things more satisfying to me than buying fresh notebooks and greeting cards. They’re all filled with promise and opportunity, and they look so neat and pretty! And I’ll need all those notebooks for all the brilliant ideas I’ll need to write down! … right? Maybe I could try and end my feuds with inanimate objects or knavish store clerks. 

           I suppose my eyebrows could use a good groom-session. For years I’ve been banking on the fact that no one could see all those little blonde hairs… But then again I was banking on the idea that my hair was in a cute growing-out phase… dammit. I could also maybe not scream at every driver who doesn’t use their indicator…

           Oh well, I guess we will always have lurking little flaws and vices. It’s important to strike that balance between acceptance and self improvement. Odds are I will never give up Gouda, but maybe I can work on my acerbic road rage. I will probably always have unkempt eyebrows but I can probably lessen biting my nails. Becoming aware of these things is good, and good to keep an eye on little flaws and vices to try and ensure they don’t get out of control… And on that note, in case you’re wondering, I have an appointment this week to get some stylistic help with the she-mullet. 



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