Lollipop Style

           From about the ages 2 – 12, I had one major icon: Shirley Temple. I loved her. I did Shirley Temple talent show acts at school and summer camps, I owned every one of her movies and knew all the lyrics to all the songs, I did shabby faux tap-dance routines for hoursIt wasn’t just the dimples, the curls, the unfathomable cuteness… it was the clothes. The silk pajamas, the collared dresses, the little knee socks. That girl had style! 

           Recently I was looking at some pictures of my beloved hero, when it hit me: I dress like Shirley Temple. At 24, I am still dressing like a 1930s child star. Unbeknownst to me, my sense of style has been so incredibly ingrained in me since I was little, that my tastes and fashion expression have maintained my entire life. The prim and sweet vintage look that I desperately aspire to has been drawn from the recesses of my Temple-Obsessed brain!

I decided to share with you some examples of what I’m talking about:


See What I Mean?

           I’ve decided to rock it. I’ve decided to totally own my impish depression-era style and to embrace my jumpers and sailor dresses and bow ties. 

           While I am more than happy to rock the Shirley fashion, I was glad to discover that I am not alone – At her job recently, my best friend was told by a co-worker that she dressed like Michelle Tanner from Full House. Startled to hear the comparison of her sense of style to a 1980s Olsen twin character, she did a little google image research… She has allowed me to share this with you:

           So I guess maybe a lot of us girls have unintentional child fashion role models. Capturing something sweet and girly and animated in our wardrobe gives us something fun and funky to spice up our days. I am all for over-sized bows, Mary Janes, puffed sleeves. I will spear-head the campaign for giant buttons, lace collars and skorts. 
           Since fashion is an extension of our frame of mind and personality, a little child-like whimsy is a good thing in both realms! Let’s embrace what I from here-on-out shall dub Lollipop Style!


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