The 25 Best Things About Mad Men

I don’t know about you guys, but I loovveee Mad Men. I love the clothes, I love the characters, I love the startling amount of day drinking…
I’m not as caught up as I should be, but so you know – there are *spoiler alerts* for up through season 4 in this article. 

Here is my list of the TOP 25 Best Things About Mad Men:

1. Don Draper
2. The Costumes
3. It’s ability to make you feel like a really good person
4. The Cocktails
5. Joan Holloway:
A. Her Outfits
B. Her Accordion Moment

C. Her Tourniquet Skills 

6. The Theme Song & Opening Credits
7. Don’s Slide Projector Presentation

8. The Art Direction

9. Betty Draper’s Best Bitch Moments:
A. Shooting the Neighbor Birds

B. Slapping Helen at the Grocery Store

C. Shoving Yams in Sally’s Mouth at Thanksgiving

D. Slapping Sally for Cutting Her Hair

10. Jon Hamm
11. When Don tells Lane to Fire Them

12. The Historical Tie-Ins:
A. The Kennedy Assassination
B. The Cuban Missile Crisis
C. Marilyn Monroe’s Death

13. Betty’s Wardrobe:
A. Her Equestrian Wear

B. Her Floral Dresses

C. Her Formal Wear

D. Her Poofy Dresses

14. The Song Choices at the End of Every Episode
15. The Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce Offices

16. Don and Peggy’s Relationship:
A. That whole baby thing…
B. “I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to hire you”

17. Betty’s Fainting Couch 
18. Sally Draper’s Outfits
19 The Dark Sense of Humor
20. Dick Whitman 
21. When Peggy and Kinsey Smoke Pot
22. Cooper’s Rothko & No Shoes Policy
23. Don’s Good Father Moments
24. The LA Sequences
25. Roger’s Silver Hair

*Honorable Mentions*
– Peggy’s Bizarre Life Choices
– Don & Betty’s Bad parenting moments: a la the bag on Sally’s Head
– The super creeper Glen Bishop
– The Pajamas
– Pete & Trudy’s Nerdiness
– The Women’s Matching Shoes & Dresses
– Don’s Old Secretary Ida
– The Yearning/Pensive Glances that are always being Cast/Shared

2 Things for Mad Men Fans:
2. This sweet video:
Hope this helps satisfy your Mad Men Love. 
I have to go make a martini.

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