Chicks Who Rock. Literally.

There are few things cooler to me than female musicians. I survive on a rich musical diet, and girl singers and bands keep me musically nourished. Today I got to thinking about some of my favorite current artists and thought I’d dedicate today’s post to the chicks who rock my world.

Florence Welch 
This chickadee rocks so hard and I love it. Her music has the perfect combination of melody and beat. Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials has been playing NON stop in my car and headphones for a couple weeks now, and I can’t get enough. I also seriously dig her fashion and attitude. Way to go, Flo.

Jenny Lewis
Another strawberry-haired rockstar, the lead singer of Rilo Kiley was my original girl-crush. With the cutest style and awesome skills, this fantastic singer/songwriter/fashionista stole my heart with every project Rilo Kiley has done. She has also done some really rad solo and side projects (Jenny & Johnny was super cute and yes, that is her voice as the girl in the Postal Service…) Jenny, I will always love you

The Like
This all-girl band brings to my mind thoughts of what New York in the late 60’s might have been like. With their relatable lyrics with cool melodies and a dark sense of humor, I would love love LOVE to go out to cocktails with this fab group. 

Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel seems to have her hand in everything these days. She’s on screens all over the planet both big and small, she’s in bands, she just agreed to do a show on Broaday, she writes, and so much more! And there are few girls out there as cute as she… If I didn’t love her, I would totally hate her… With her band with M. Ward, She & Him, she’s not breaking any barriers or re-inventing the wheel, but she rocks the ukulele and I gotta admit I love the sweet simple music. Perfect for rainy days and cups of coffee.

Karen O.
I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play live when I was 15 and it was one of the coolest nights ever. This had partially to due with an incident involving me not getting in then bumping in to the band’s drummer and him putting me on the list under his name making me feel Way cooler than I actually was… But it also had to do with Karen O’s radical-ness. With her no-fuss approach to Rock and neon spandex-clad craziness, her stuff makes me drink and dance and dye my hair pink.

This tiny ball of awesome is one of the sweetest sounding girlies out there. I saw her live a couple months ago, and she packs a mean punch of melodic grooviness into a small package. Her lyrics and melodies are delectable, and with her rad abilities on multiple instruments, she combines a retro sound with something that’s very modern and very cool.

St. Vincent
She’s a little different and more experimental than a lot of other girls out there right now, and I love it. She aces an incredibly broad amount of instruments, ranging from guitar to organ, and her arrangements utilize horns and strings, making her stuff fun and unique. Along with her super cool solo stuff, she collaborates with a bunch of neat artists too like David Byrne and the Polyphonic Spree. 

Lana Del Ray
There’s been a bunch of mixed reviews of this girl, but I freakin love her! This year’s album Born To Die is a fabulous listen with lots of different dashes of eclectic musical spices. She can be rough or soft, and has an interesting style and unique voice that harkens back to the 60s.  I also dig her videos and overall aesthetic style. She has described herself as a “self-styled gangtsa Nancy Sinatra” – how can you not love that?

These girlies I mentioned are a super tiny portion of all the completely radical girls that are making awesome music out there! Here is a list of other chicks I llooovvvee who deserve important mention:
    • Bjork
    • tUnE-yArDs
    • Sara Bareilles
    • Janelle Monae
    • Santigold
    • Grace Potter
    • Little Boots
    • The Submarines
    • Clare & the Reasons
    • Yelle
    • Princess Chelsea
    • Regina Spektor
    • Laura Gibson
    • La Rou
    • Kimbra
    • Marina and the Diamonds
    • Imelda May
    • Cat Power
    • Birdy
    • The Bird & The Bee
    • Robyn
    • Lykke Li
    • Neko Case

Whew! That’s a lot of cool girls making a lot of cool music! 

Check them out! – You can find a bunch of their songs on some of my Spotify playlists if you’re so inclined or need a jumping off point! ❤

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