This is unexpected… but Gerard Butler, I think I love you…

Gerard Butler… I think I love you…

My feelings started Sunday night when I found myself watching Phantom of the Opera. (No judgement, please – I kind of love it…)
When you show up in your ruffled shirts and tight high-wasted pants I couldn’t get enough. Maybe you couldn’t hit the notes on pitch so much, but I didn’t mind, you totally sold it! And a lot of the material you were given was pretty shitty so I really don’t blame you. There’s only so much you can do when you find yourself wearing a mask and doing things like singing on top of gargoyles and leading women down hallways on horses… And I gotta say, you seriously know how to rock a cape.
Surprised by my sudden feelings for you, the next night I decided to continue my Marathon with PS I Love You
Now, Gerardy, you may not know this, but I cry at everything. I’ve owned that movie for a year but haven’t watched it for fear of crying. My fear was justified, I balled the entire time. (Jake cried a lot too. He told me not to tell you guys, but oh well.)
Gerard you were SO lovable and wonderful and I just LOVED you!

I think I do! 
I think I LOVE you, Gerard Butler! 
How did this happen?
It’s really early in our relationship to say it, I’ve only seen a handful of your movies, but I don’t care who knows. 

I love your goofy faces, and your thick Scottish accent. I love that you range from super fit to chubby-buff. I love that you supposedly cried when talking about the Phantom’s loneliness to Joel Schumacher. I love that you wear leather pants. 
Your abs are literally the only thing I remember from 300.
I know your career has been, er, shall we say, lying low lately… But I love you despite all that. 
This is embarrassing, but I think I might even have to rent Dracula 2000
Gimme a call some time and we can drink ale and sing 80’s rock opera music together…

PS – I Love You… 


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