Movie Reviews with my Grandmother

           My 85 year old Grandmother is awesome. She wears hats everywhere (and I mean every kind of hat – She sported a top hat at Christmas last year. Seriously.), she really likes to drink Bombay Gin, and in her 60s she was arrested for climbing the fence at a power plant to protest nuclear war. 
           We call her Mumms, after the flower and the champagne.
           While she’s always been incredibly eccentric, as she gets older, our conversations get more and more unique. Not because she’s incoherent or anything, but because what she takes away from experiences is never what you think it’s going to be… 

Me: What did you do last night?
Mumms: Well, I saw a very wacky movie.
Me: What was it called?
Mumms: I don’t remember. 
Me: Do you remember who was in it?
Mumms: Well, yes! It was Steve Carell and all those wacky people from Saturday Night Live.
Me: Really?

(I’m now dreading that she’s talking about The 40 Year Old Virgin)
Mumms: Well, yes. And it was the kookiest thing.
Me: What happened in it?
Mumms: Well, Steve Carell was down on his luck and going through a divorce.
Me: Was it Crazy, Stupid, Love?
Mumms: No, that wasn’t it. It was really about him and his father making amends after many years.
(At this point in the conversation I have NO idea what movie she’s talking about)

Mumms: Then he meets this odd English girl.
Me: Mumms, are you talking about Seeking a Friend for the End of the World?
Mumms: Well, Yes! That was it! 
(No one from SNL is in that movie… Nor is Steve Carell getting divorced…)
Mumms: It was a very odd movie.
Me: Well, yeah, it was interesting.
Mumms: But all was well in the end.
Me: …
Mumms: He made up with his father and that’s what the whole movie was about 
(That was about 10 minutes of a 2 hour movie)
Mumms: and it had a happy ending.
Me: … Mumms… Did you see the end?
Mumms: Yes, he falls in love.
Me: Did you understand that an asteroid hit the planet?
Mumms: No, I don’t think that was in this movie.
Me: …
Mumms: But it was a sweet ending. 
Me: … Well I’m glad you liked it.
Mumms: Well yes, it was interesting. I think that British girl is going to go far.
Me: Mumms, Kiera Knightly has a pretty big career…
Mumms: Well, yes she does! I think this girl will too!
Me: You’re right, she probably will. 

I love my Grandmother. I need to see more movies with her.
(Mumms at her 85th Bday this spring)

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