Computers, Pants & Swedish Rock – Why Life is Good

Life is really good. 
There are lots of reasons why, but I’m gonna sum it up for you in 3 big ways. 

1. Apple Products

I don’t want to freak you out by saying this, but I’m an apple-slut. If they make it, I want it. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many different iPods I have. (4… I have 4…) Everything they make is freakin awesome and amazing and rad. There is a true, deep, love that apple owners have that I just don’t get from PC users. It’s like a brotherhood. I freakin looovvee you, Apple. Every time a MacBook turns on, an angel gets it’s wings.

2. High Waist Pants

O-M-freaking-G. I have been looking for the perfect pair of high-waisted pants FOR YEARS. YEARS! It’s been a fashion phantom hanging over me, villainously laughing every time trends took pants waists’ lower and lower. THEN, the clouds parted. I discovered that American Apparel has a whole line of freakin rad high-waisted pants. I dipped into savings, bought those suckers up and couldn’t be happier. I feel like Katherine Hepburn or Amelia Earhart or Cary Grant… I can’t wait to get them in black. They say that money can’t buy happiness. They’re full of it. It totally can.

3. Lykke Li 

I have to admit – I was super late on the Lykke Li bandwagon. But I have fully come to appreciate her recently, and lemme tell ya, that tiny little Swede can rock. Her music is fantastic, her videos are great and I just love her. She’s making car rides better, workouts enjoyable, and overall putting a bop in my walk. She’s also inspired some pretty bizarre clothing choices on my part lately, and for that I thank her. 

Notable Mentions for Why Life is Good:
Parks & Rec
The U of A sweatshirt-wearing sock monkey I found for sale at Circle K this weekend
– Tom Hardy
– Butter
– Booze Cruises
– Trader Joes’ Frozen Section
– Caffeine
– Old Movie Screenings
– Floral Print Anything
– Flubber


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