Make Your Own Floral Head Garland!

I have not done a project post in a while, but I have been feeling super crafty lately, so I thought I would share!

My Current Obsession: Floral Head Garlands
– Ribbon (thickness depending on how wide you want it)
– Fake Flowers (the nicer the fabric the better it will look)
– Thread
– Needle
– A couple inches of elastic
– Scissors
How To Make It:
1. Measure the ribbon around your head so it covers about 3/4 & cut that length
2. Pull apart the fake flowers and lay them across the ribbon to get an idea of how you want it to look
3. Thread your needle making a secure knot at the end and start sewing on your first layer of flowers (use cheaper flowers for this since it’s mostly to add dimension) across the ribbon. 
*You really only need to do 2 stitches per flower (a little was apart from each other) to make sure they’re secure. 
4. Once you have the full bottom layer, start to add more flowers on the top. Make it however you want! I like to bunch and gather them in alternating colors and sizes to give it a really full look
*If you choose to keep the plastic centers in the flowers for dimension or color, try using a thimble – it will help you push the needle through the plastic. If you keep the plastic you’ll need to do some extra stitches per flower to make sure it’s secure and looks right.
*Keep in mind you want the stitches to be hidden! (Except on the back – that can be as messy or ugly as you need) You’ll need to re-thread your needle a bunch, so make sure you’re knotting it tightly when you cut it off each time.
5. Once you have covered the entire ribbon with flowers in any way you like, hold it around your head and measure how long the elastic will need to be in the back. Cut about a third less elastic than that measurement since you need it to stretch
6. Sew the elastic to each side of the ribbon on the inside (*Make SURE you don’t have it turned around or twisted or anything!)
7. Voila! You’re done! You can now instantly doll up any outfit or even just conceal a bad hair day! Enjoy!

Here’s my finished product:
Here’s a smaller one I made for more day to day wear:
For this just use thinner ribbon & smaller elastic!

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