Game Changer

I got Spotify Premium as a present for my birthday this weekend. It. Is. AMAZING.

In the three day’s I’ve had it, my music consumption has skyrocketed (and I already listen to a pretty decent amount).
The premium membership has always been something I knew I would eventually break down and get. No commercials, better sound quality, the ability to listen on multiple devices like ipods and iphones. AND you can listen to stuff OFF line! AND you can take it internationally! It’s rad. 
However, I was always like “Wha? 10 bucks a month?! That’s crazy!” Then a friend described it as less than the cost of 1 purchased album a month, except you get unlimited music! What the whaaa??
It sent me spiraling into a technology quest for self-realization: Have I become so addicted to free music and *cough*Piracy*cough* that I am unwilling to pay less a month for music than I do for 3 days of getting coffee?! Where have my priorities and greed for free music taken me?!
I was lucky enough to get it as a present, but when the time is up I will DEFINITELY be renewing my membership. 
It’s amazing. There’s no going back. It IS the wave of the future.
Get a premium membership. You won’t be sorry. 
That is all.


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