Cartoon Crushes

Robin Hood
I know he’s a fox, but come on – he’s a fox. Oo de lally! His devilish grin, his devotion to Maid Marian, his archery and trickery skills. Sign me up.

Prince Eric
His jawbone, his coiffed ebony hair, his chest, the big blue eyes. I’d love for him to find me deserted on a beach. He loves the ocean and his pup. And if you take out that whole getting possessed and almost marrying the sea witch thing, he loves Ariel through thick and thin! Battling a cagillion foot Ursula in the depths of a magical typhoon?! If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. 

Sure he was a conman, but he was a good guy in the end. His urchin Russian clothes, his fluffy copper hair, he charms and he cleans up real nice too. And his voice was John Cusack! Bam!


I know he’s not technically a cartoon but he still counts. He’s adventurous, he’s a loyal friend, he’s a cowboy, AND he’s Tom Hanks. Woody, you got a friend in me.

Roger and Pongo

They’re devoted husbands, they’re charming and British, they’re goofy but with a firm loving hand, they’re super protective and they’re musical! Done.

Prince Charming(s)

Space Ghost
No? Just Me? ok…

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