Random Thoughts

  • I will never be painfully hip. Somewhat hip, maybe, but never painfully hip like those girls who don’t even own sweatpants. 
  • When I make a wrong order choice at a restaurant, it plagues me for the rest of the day.
  • So, dying my hair tips pink using kool-aid is a bad idea, yes?
  • Don’t worry, iPhone 4S, you’re still my boo.
  • I looked up the nutrition facts for Claim Jumper’s chocolate cake… I just wish I could go back in time
  • You’ll all be happy to know, I am currently working on my stand-up routine: Conversations With Muppets
  • I truly believe in self help books and have no idea why they get such a bad rap
  • If I believed in God, Beach Hotels, Polaroids and Butter Pecan ice cream would be my proof
  • It’s still almost 2 months away, and the stress of Halloween costuming brain storming is already getting to me
  • I’m working on bringing the lunch-time martini back in style. Who’s with me?
  • Fancy Coffee and Music on Vinyl are SO freakin good that it’s worth sounding kinda douchey when you talk about them
  • I realized recently that a large amount of my tweets are about food and bad hair days…
  • When I don’t like an actor in a character part, I super-impose Jack Lemmon over him with my mind
  • Being super excited about a book is one of the closest feelings I get to being a kid again… That, and when my cheeks turn pink from getting too hyper…
  • People who exercise at night both impress and freak me out
  • The first person who can accurately tell me the necessary tools and steps for creating Julia Roberts hair waves WINS
  • Nutella.

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