Longboarding Playlist

Happy Monday, Listeners!
This weekend I started attempting to learn how to longboard – more on that later this week – But I put together today’s playlist as some crunchy tunes I thought would go great with skateboarding. Enjoy!

1. Chairlift “I Belong In Your Arms”

2. ? & The Mysterians “Up Side”

3. White Arrows “Coming or Going”

4. The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” *Video

5. Kings Of Convenience “Misread” *Video

6. The Big Pink “Hit The Ground (Superman)” *Video

7. Eisley “Ambulence” 

8. Passion Pit “Take A Walk” *Video

9. Fleet Foxes “Bedouin Dress”

10. Built To Spill “Liar”

11. The Magnetic Fields “Queen of the Savages”

12. Imperial Teen “Runaway”

13. Radical Face “Welcome Home, Son” *Video

14. Death Cab for Cutie “Soul Meets Body” *Video

15. Frightened Rabbit “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” *Video

16. Rilo Kiley “Breakin’ Up” (There’s no music video but here’s a live performance. I just adore her)

You can listen to the whole playlist on Spotify! Check it Out!

Hope you enjoy these tunes and have a fabulous week!!

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