What I Learned: Trying to Longboard

My honey is a skateboard enthusiast. 
He builds and rides his own boards, reads all the magazines, follows the pros, the whole shebang. 

As Jake is naturally athletic and graceful, watching him ride has always made skating look pretty easy – not the tricks, but at least in terms of cruising. 
This weekend he got a longboard to try and help me learn how to ride… It’s been interesting… 
Unlike my naturally athletic and graceful sweetheart, I am somewhat gravitationally challenged… 
So far, I’ve learned somewhat how to cruise, but I’ve learned a lot of other things too:
  • Face your fears
  • Finding balance is essential
  • Sundresses are not suitable for all occasions 
  • Trying something new is always exciting
  • Don’t let people intimidate you
  • Take Baby Steps
  • Don’t underestimate people’s accomplishments
  • You can’t rush learning
  • Sometimes you have to fall down to get better at something
  • Embrace your own style
  • Activities you can do with your friends are SO fun, even if you’re not that great at it
  • Things that look effortless usually are super difficult
  • Find the Glide
  • Always have bandaids around the house
  • And ice packs
  • And Neosporin
  • Things can slip out from under you when you least expect it
  • If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough
  • Always have fun
  • If you’re interested in learning how to skate or long board, You Tube has TONS of how-to videos and things to walk you through!
  • If you want to snag yourself a longboard, check out your local skate shops or the chain Zumiez – they have some great stuff

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