F**k Yeah, Gaga

I have a very special weird little home in my heart for Lady Gaga.
She does some pretty freakin strange stuff, but that’s her thing and I love her and I love to dance like a spaz to her music.
Whether you love or hate her, you have to admit she’s got moxy.

Last week, Gaga was smeared across the tabloids being criticized for having gained a significant amount of weight. Despite the fact that she is still by no means fat, she has gained about 25 pounds on her tiny 5’1” frame, and photos of a recent performance in Amsterdam have popped up all over the internet with subtitles stating every rude weight comment you would imagine.
Many celebrities would lash out or ignore weight criticism, but Gaga has once again turned a situation around to make it into something awesome and empowering.

Gaga created a sub-section of her “Little Monsters” networking website called “Body Revolution.” In this section, Gaga wrote about dealing with weight issues her entire life, including such severe and scary measures as anorexia and bulimia. Along with this, she posted a series of pictures of herself in a bra and underpants to illustrate that she is beautiful and powerful no matter what her weight. She then urged fellow followers to share their own photos to encourage bravery and confidence triumphing over insecurities. 

Positive feedback and body photos from fans have been flooding in, with countless words of thank you’s, encouragement and support. Way to go, Gaga. 

With all the wretched weight-shaming that’s happening in our culture, I fucking love that Gaga is turning something that could have just evaporated or turned into a press argument into a way to defy conformity, connect with her fans, and make a serious comment on the cultural obsession with unrealistic body standards.

As a lass with some stalky Irish genes (And a severe addiction to Ice Cream, Carbs and Cheese…), I think Gaga’s statement is an important one. 
I love her for shaming weight-shamers, highlighting the importance of conquering insecurities, and using her celebrity as a tool to harness confidence and positive thinking in her fans, especially since so many of them are young girls. 

She has gone into the body image battlefield guns blazing and has further personally exposed herself to make a comment on something that is a major issue for everyone, especially women and younger girls in our society. 
Way to “inspire bravery.”
Way to “BREED some m$therf*cking COMPASSION”
Fuck yeah, Gaga. 


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