Funny Freakin Females

I’ve been thinking a lot about funny women lately. 
In anticipation of working on some “funny” projects (including an upcoming attempt at stand-up that has me petrified) I have been examining women who crack my shit up. 
I thought I would devote today to some of my favorite farcical femmes. 

Marion Davies
 Despite the efforts of her tres powerful lover, William Randolph Hearst, to keep her in dramas, this pioneering comedienne of silent film was so talented, Charlie Chaplin himself yearned to work with her. With an off-screen life as fascinating as her characters’, she did her fare share of comedies, and helped pave the way for future funny girls. 

Carole Lombard
With her bright eyes, mischievous demeanor, and great sense of timing, Carole Lombard was one of the queens of screwball comedy in the 1930s.
Katherine Hepburn
It’s no easy feat keeping up with Cary Grant in charm and timing, but Kate certainly managed to. If you haven’t seen Philadelphia Story, close your computer immediately and go get it. 

Marilyn Monroe
Always given more attention for her sex appeal than her comedy, Marilyn was effing hilarious. She used her persona to her advantage and formed her very own special sense of comedic timing that remains as iconic as her measurements.

Lucille Ball
I’d like to take this time to personally thank I Love Lucy re-runs on Nick at Night for helping me develop my sense of humor.

Gilda Radner 
When you watch her sketches, it’s no surprise that Gilda was the very first person cast on SNL. 

Madeline Kahn
As a kid I thought Madeline was hilarious in all of Mel Brooks’ movies. As an adult I actually understand the jokes she does and I love her even more.

Carol Burnett
Bawdy, brilliant and brave, Carol Burnett took female hosting and parodies to a whole new place with her show. Two words: Curtain Rods.

Ellen DeGenerous
I love not only how hilarious Ellen is, but also the kinds of messages she works tirelessly to put out into the world and the sense of honesty and bravery she encompasses.

Tina Fey 
I love Love LOVE Tina. Tirelessly self deprecating and endlessly hilarious, Tina is my smart-girl comedy icon. Liz Lemon. Mean Girls. SNL. She effing rocks.

Amy Poehler
Sweet as pie but with a rough edge of unpredictability, Amy is Amyazing. Even if Kaitlin on SNL was the only thing she’d ever done, she would still be on this list.

Lena Dunham
Girls is one of the most bitterly funny, relatable shows ever on TV. When I’m not being totally jealous of Lena Dunham, I’m wishing I was her friend. Keep it up, lady.

I just realized that this post kinda got mad-long, which is pretty awesome since I’ve only skimmed the surface of funny women out there.
Thanks, Ladies.

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