Road Trip Heart List

Woo-hooo! Road Trip!
Today Jake and I embark on a fun Road Trip to California! 
I LOVE a good Road Trip, so in following the motif for the next couple days, here is a special themed Heart List: Road Trip Edition
PACKING!, Buying New Clothes to Pack, Travel Shot Glasses, Curios Shops, Weird Road-side landmarks (Like The Thing, or the world’s largest ball of twine), Changing Scenery, Car Games, Getting the Car Cleaned, Mini Toiletry Bottles, Polarized Sunglasses
Creating New Inside Jokes, Planning everything you’ll do when you get there, Audio Books, Taking Car & Road Side Pictures, Roadside Restaurants & Bars, Outlet Malls, Hours upon hours of music, Car Ride Sing-alongs (Especially Musicals, Disney & Bad Pop Songs)

Annnddd all the junk food: Puffy Cheetos, Diet Coke, In & Out Burger, Energy Drinks, Milk Shakes, Pringles, Powdered Donuts, McDonalds Hashbrowns, Beef Jerky, Trail Mix

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