Life Discoveries California Edition

  • There’s always another wave
  • Nobody should live in a major city without a smart phone
  • Hotel Bars are super duper expensive and super delicious
  • People who work at Surf Shops are either super nice or super un-helpful
  • Never miss an opportunity to watch a beach sunset
  • Toyotas are awesome
  • Neil Diamond is the perfect travel companion
  • Padded bikini tops are amazing… until the padding fills up with water like a sponge…
  • YOU have the choice to ignore the calories listed on menus
  • You get what you pay for
  • Brixton Apparel is a super cool company
  • Cruise Control is a genius invention
  • Champagne and Vodka are a surprising, dangerous, and delicious mix
  • Save the Cat
  • Sometimes you just need a cheeseburger
  • Don’t let a rainy day dampen your spirits
  • Always break in a new pair of shoes before traveling with them
  • Arrange for a late check-out whenever possible
  • Hydrate
  • The iPhone is the best photo tool ever
  • When in doubt – OVER PACK
  • Get in the water
  • When going out in a group agree on how you’re gonna split the check in advance and tell the server up front
  • Visit Museums!
  • Turning off the lap-top for a few days is good for the soul
  • Send Post Cards
  • Things to always pack: LBD, iPhone, Aquanet & Dry Shampoo, Travel Hat, & a Sweatshirt 
  • Take too many pictures
  • Freeways don’t have to be scary
  • Buy yourself thoughtful and nice souvenirs
  • Try all the beers
  • Take cheap sunglasses to the beach
  • Do every day on your own terms

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