The Sunglass Theory

I have this thesis I call the Sunglass Theory.
This is essentially it:
When you invest more in something, you take better care of it.
Not groundbreaking or anything, but something that is applicable to SO much.

Here’s how it started:

I love expensive sunglasses. They protect my eyes better, they look awesome, and it takes 2 seconds for me to feel immediately more glamorous.
People are constantly saying “There’s no way I would spend a lot of money on sunglasses, I always lose or break them!”
BUT – here’s the theory: If you spend extra money (or time or effort or interest) on something you really love, you’ll take better care of it. 

Clearly I’m a big believer in you get what you pay for, a certain level of quality comes with spending more – The more money you spend on champagne the more inclined you will be to savor and enjoy it. The longer you save up to buy the hand-made purse or laptop you really want, the more you will appreciate, use and take care of it.

However, this theory applies to other, more important issues: 
Invest more in experiences and yourself, gain more from them.

–  Invest more time in a project, the happier you will be with the results.
– The more effort you invest in your body (working out, eating right, noticing changes) the more you will be inclined to take better care of it.
– The more you invest in your relationships the more you will get out them.
– The more care you invest in your work and home, the more you will be personally and professionally rewarded.

Sometimes it feels so hard, at least for me, to go that little extra distance. Whether it be financially, energetically, or even the extra time. 
But, when I do spend that extra what-have-you, I’m always glad I did. 

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