Gleeking out on Season 3

I don’t have cable.
I do, However, Have Netflix.
This means I get to feel like I have TV, except for the fact that it’s all a season late. 
Recently, a glorious thing happened – Glee Season 3 showed up!
So although I’m a season too late, here are all the things I’m loving about Glee last season!

  • Blaine singing Tom Jones
  • That it’s bringing back the beret
  • Darren Criss *sigh*
  • I cry like a baby at literally every single episode. Multiple Times.
  • The CEASELESS amount of complete and total inappropriateness 
  • Kurt’s Brooch Collection
  • All the West Side Story stuff
  • The sluttification of the Cheerios costumes
  • Quinn’s brief stint with pink hair, Santana’s eyelashes, & Rachel’s Blunt Cut
  • The Guest Stars
  • Every single scene begs the question “Kurt! WHAT is on your body?!”
  • The abundance of personalized jewelry 
  • The slow motion sequences
  • The Troubletones
  • The Warblers, as always
  • Mike Chang’s dancing
  • The new characters
  • The Christmas Episode!!!
  • Kurt and Rachel’s relationship
  • The snappy one-liners
  • Mash-Ups!

  • All the Peter Pan Collars
  • Blaine’s cuffed pants with loafers
  • Emma’s neckties and nightgowns 
  • Artie’s Sweaters
  • The polka-dots
  • The super duper Mod looks
  • The ankle socks
  • The 1940s outfits in the Troubletone’s Candy Man

  • Blaine’s colored & striped pants
  • The bow-ties
  • The nail polish
  • Edina’s Pencil Skirts
  • The Sundresses
  • The West Side Story costumes
  • Mike Chang’s tight pants
  • Giant Buttons
  • All the fun coats
  • The White Tuxedo Jacket Regionals costumes

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