Space Heater Playlist

Good Morning!
Winter has officially reached my dusty pueblo town! And while I am thrilled at the prospect of sweaters and tights and boots, my apartment is FREEZING! The management won’t be turning the heat on until the weekend or next week (aaaahhh!) so as I type this, I am curled up by a space heater and it is the thing I am most grateful for in the world right now. Thusly, today’s playlist title is dedicated to space heaters and radiators everywhere. Enjoy these jams and stay bundled up!

1. Doris Troy “Just One Look”

2. Cold War Kids “Mine is Yours”

3. Eisley “Ten Cent Blues”

4. Crystal Castles (Featuring Robert Smith of the Cure!!!!) “Not In Love”

5. Mr. Little Jeans “The Suburbs”

6. The Whitest Boy Alive “Burning” *Video

7. Divine Fits “Would That Not Be Nice” *Video

8. Capital Cities “Safe And Sound” *Video

9. Midlake “Roscoe” *Video

10. Late Night Alumni “You Can Be The One”

11. The Avett Brothers “Down With The Shine”

12. Hockey “Too Fake” *Video

13. Beach House “Heart Of Chambers” *Video

14. Portugal. The Man “So American” *Video

15. Mother Mother “Bright Idea”

16. The Walker Brothers “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore)”

17. Adele “Skyfall” *Video (I love Everything About This)

You can listen to the whole playlist on Spotify! If you haven’t joined the Spotify bandwagon yet, get on board! It’s an effing incredible way to listen to, share and experience music! Click the link below to check it out!

Enjoy these tunes and have a fabulous week!

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