Thumbs Up Weekend

This weekend was jam-packed with thumbs-way-up discoveries and experiences. I had to share my food/book/beer/movie lust and love with all of you!


I’m not gonna spoil anything for you, but I will tell you that Skyfall is, in my humble opinion, THE BEST Bond movie Ever! 
Daniel Craig KILLS it, Sam Mendes’ direction is seamless, Tom Ford’s Bond suits are to DIE FOR, Adele’s Theme Song is perfection (check it out on my playlist from yesterday), and Javier Bardem is unquestionably the best Bond Villain in memory. 
Visually stunning, I would print and frame half the shots from the film. The action sequences are INSANELY GOOD, and even the opening credits are phenom. 
Go. See. It.

2. Killian’s Irish Red

My palette has really been changing lately, veering away from sweeter things I used to adore. This has been particularly noticeable in my taste in beer. Once a mad-lover of Heffeweizens and wheat ales like Shock Top and Blue Moon, those have become too sweet for me, and now I am loving red and amber ales! Killian’s Irish Red is my new love! Soooo Tasty! Some other beers that I’m loving in somewhat of the same family are:
– Four Peaks Kiltlifter
– Sam Adams Amber lager
– Dos Equis XX Amber
– Full Sail Amber Ale
– Fat Tire 

3. The Silver Lining Playbook by Mathew Quick

I got the book on Friday and finished it yesterday. It’s an engrossing quick read with interesting characters, and I really enjoyed it. There’s nothing like flying through a book and being renewed with the reading bug. The movie comes out next week starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert DeNiro. I’m super excited, even though it looks fairly embellished from the book based on the trailer (Which you can see HERE). 

4. Cheese Crisps with Green Chilis   

So. Good.
I thought I hated green chilis, but I was a fool. 
Maybe it’s the cheese, maybe the grease, maybe the crispy tortillas, maybe the chilis.
But the combination is effing A.Mazing. 

5. New Wave/Techno/Electronic Music

If you check out my playlists, this won’t be a surprise to you at all. But, as I was listening to a Crystal Castles song that features The Cure’s Robert Smith on vocals, I was just filled with a gust of intense love for new wave music all over again. (You can hear the song on this week’s playlist)

Those were my big thumbs up of the weekend! Check these things out if you haven’t! 
Enjoy and have a fffaabbbuuullloouuusss week!

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