How I Met Your Music Playlist

How I Met Your Mother has awesome music.
So, for today’s playlist I thought I’d pick a bunch of my favorite songs they’ve used over the past 7 seasons! 
It’s Slaptastic! 

1. The Elected “Time Is Coming”

2. Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks”

3. Ola Podrida “Run Off The Road”
4. Miss Derringer “Black Tears”

5. A Fine Frenzy “Lifesize”

6. The Rolling Stones “Monkey Man”

7. Rufus Wainwright “Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk”

8. Real Estate “Beach Comber”

9. Goldspot “Rewind”

10. Michelle Featherstone “Careful”

11. Anya Marina “Vertigo”
12. The 88 “Coming Home”

13. Regina Spektor “Better”

14. The Replacements “Here Comes A Regular” 

15. I’m From Barcelona “The Painter”

16. Nada Surf “Beautiful Beat”

17. The Five Stairsteps “O-o-h Child”
18. The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?”

19. Bloc Party “This Modern Love”

20. The Decemberists “Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect”
21. The Explorers Club “Forever”

22. Kite Flying Society “If I Could Split”

23. Otis Redding “Cigarettes And Coffee”

24. Band of Horses “The Funeral”

25. Vampire Weekend “Oxford Comma”

26. Cat Stevens “The Wind

You can enjoy the whole playlist via spotify! Memberships are free and its an awesome way to experience music! Check it out

Enjoy these tunes and have a fantastic week!!

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