On The Scene: Volume One

As you may know, I effing ADORE movies.
There are SO MANY brilliant movies out there, AND within those movies: CAGILLIONS of amazing scenes.
I’m not talking just good scenes, I’m talking perfect, beautiful, remember forever, life-changing-potential scenes. Whether they make you choke on your popcorn you’re laughing so hard or make you want to kill yourself. 
Scenes that make you fall in love with an idea, or a song, or Heath Ledger. 
I started writing a post about my top favorite perfect movie scenes, but as I wrote, the list got longer and longer and further and further categorized until it was clear what needed to happen: Recurring column.
Today is just the tip of the cinematic iceberg (I’m only gonna do a handful in each category), so if I’m missing something you think is vital, I’m probably (hopefully) saving it for another day. From this year’s oscar contenders to silent classics, from high brow to the famous ‘hair gel’ scene, here is the beginning of some of my favorite all time scenes.

You may also notice I’ve also learned how to harness GIFs, which I’m kind of obsessed with

Scenes Involving Music:
The Jack Rabbit Slims Dance Contest (Pulp Fiction)
Tony Manero’s Big Moment (Saturday Night Fever)
Dancing in the Moonrise Kingdom Cove (Moonrise Kingdom)
“Put the Blame on Mame” (Gilda)
Singing in the Rain (Duh.)

Classics For A Reason:
Mr. Demill, I’m ready for my closeup” (Sunset Blvd. – often misquoted)
All of Ric and Ilsa’s scenes (Casablanca)
Fasten your seat belts – It’s going to be a bumpy night” (All About Eve)
The Dancing Buns (The Gold Rush)
“STEEEELLLLAAAA!” (A Streetcar Named Desire)
Cary Grant Running from the Planes (North by Northwest)
Prologues & Opening Sequences:
The giant roof-jumping, vehicle-swapping, chase/fight/badass scene (Skyfall)
The view of Ellie and Carl’s Relationship (Up)

Holly getting out of the cab & eating her croissant (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
Amelie’s childhood (Amelie)

Final Scenes:
The Football Field Fist Pump (The Breakfast Club)
The Interrupted Wedding (The Graduate)

Racing through the bullets (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
George Bailey’s happy ending (It’s a Wonderful Life)
When he realizes why she didn’t show (An Affair to Remember)
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” (Gone With The Wind)

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