The 25 Best Things About Having the House to Yourself

I love living with Jake. He makes me tasty breakfast sandwiches, he’s super organized, he leaves me little love notes around, and he’s my favorite thing to wake up to every single morning.
That being said…
Sometimes there is just nothing better than having the apartment to myself. 
Those of you with roommates and/or live-in partners can attest – having a big chunk of time with nobody else home can kinda rock sometimes. (Until its really dark outside. Then I just get scared…)
Carrie Bradshaw describes this phenomenon as SSB: Secret Single Behavior. The things that you can only truly do or enjoy when you’re totally alone in your home. 

Here are the 25 Best Things about Having the House to Yourself:

1. Total control over the remote. Obviously.
2. Eating Chinese leftovers from the carton
3. Blasting whatever music you want free from the restraints of headphones
4. Hour long baths
5. Doing embarrassing workout videos free from judgement
6. Total control over the thermostat
7. Cleaning out your pores and plucking eyebrows out in the open
8. Rummaging through the cookies with no witness
9. Walking around in your underpants with no sucking in whatsoever
10. Decorating before you can be stopped
11. Trying on lots of different outfits and hairstyles and taking pictures of yourself
12. Hour long unfiltered phone chats with your girlfriends
13. Watching the Sex and the City movie again and being able to lie about it
14. Online shopping & Pinterest mania
15. Reading on his side of the bed
16. Covering the entire living room floor with craft projects
17. Singing at the top of your lungs into hair-brush microphones
18. Sharing a bottle of wine – with yourself
19. Catching up on tabloids
20. Eating Nutella from the jar while singing along with Robyn songs
21. Sprawling across the whole couch
22. Enjoying silence
23. Making girly mixed drinks and creating Nail Art
24. Catching up on projects you’ve been needing to do
25. Having time to miss your honey

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