Chaplin, Peppermint Schnapps & Snazzy Shoes – Why Life is Good

Life is really good. 
There are countless reasons why, but I’m gonna sum it up for you in three big ways.

1. Charlie Chaplin

The local art house movie theatre is showing Charlie Chaplin movies here throughout December, and it started this week with The Gold Rush. It was awesome. Seeing something that original from such a different time period on a large scale was so exciting and inspiring. It was like a step back in time and made me realize what universal themes still exist and how humor transcends time.

2. Holiday Spiked Hot Drinks

I am loving my seasonal spirits lately. They’re so easy and delicious. The perfect thing to warm your senses and soul (not to mention heighten the Christmas buzz you’ve got goin on!) Here’s how to make my two favs:

Festive Coco:
– 8oz Milk
– Packet of Coco Mix
– Shot & a 1/2 of Peppermint Schnapps

1. Heat Milk on stove or Microwave
2. Mix in Coco powder, then pour in Schnapps
3. Enjoy!

Spiked Cider:
– 8oz Water
– Packet Cider Mix 
– Shot & a 1/2 of Fireball Whiskey

1. Heat water 
2. Mix in Cider (Or just heat up pre-made cider) and Whiskey
3. Enjoy!

3. Rachel Antonoff’s Collection for Bass

I received my first Christmas gift of the season this week! A pair of fabulous blue & white floral saddle shoes (above) from a lovely friend of mine, and I adore them!! You can check the whole line out HERE. There’s nothing happier than a snazzy new pair of shoes!

Notable Mentions:
– Patterned Tights
– Swedish Fish
– Christmas Movies
– The IncrediBooth and Afterglow iPhone apps
– Almost-Burnt Chocolate Chip Cookies
– Blunt Bob Haircuts that work
– Hilariously Awkward Situations
– Winter Coats

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