The 25 Best Christmas Movies – In One Sentence

There’s nothing quite like watching Christmas movies around the holidays. 
Starting right after Thanksgiving, Jake and I start watching Christmas movies almost every night, and it’s one of my favorite traditions.
There are soo many great holiday movies, but I have narrowed it down to my personal top 25 favorites. 
Here they are for you, all defined in one sentence why I adore them.

1. A Muppet’s Christmas Carol: A musical combination of Muppets and Dickens = pure genius.
2. It’s a Wonderful Life: Duh.

3. Harold and Kumar’s 3D Christmas: Yes, I’m dead serious.
4. Elf: GUARANTEED out loud laughs
5. Miracle on 34th St. “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a state of mind.”
6. The Santa Clause: Makes you believe in Magic
7. A Christmas StoryPerfectly pinpoints the childlike anticipation for Christmas
8. Scrooged: Bill Murray is the funniest Scrooge ever
9. Love Actually: The perfect holiday date movie 
10. The Grinch (The Original Cartoon): Makes your heart swell
11. Miracle on 34th St. (New): You will believe in Santa again
12. Home Alone: Best movie screams ever

13. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Such a fun perspective on holidays
14. White Christmas: I love you, Bing.
15. A Charlie Brown Christmas: Even just the way they sing brings joy to your heart.
16. Friends Christmas Episodes: Its not technically a movie, but the Holiday Armadillo episode is one of the funniest things ever on TV.
17. Meet Me in St. Louis: There’s no one like Judy
18. The Shop Around the Corner: ‘You’ve Got Mail’ before ‘You’ve got mail’ at Christmas, and with James Stewart! 

19 & 20. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Jack Frost: The Animation is so lovely and nostalgic. 
21. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: RDJ in all his glory, and perfect for a less sentimental holiday watch.

22. While you Were Sleeping: Ahh 90’s Sandra Bullock, so good
23. Bridget Jones’ Diary: Not neccessarily a Christmas movie, but great movie around holiday time
24. Home Alone 2: More Perfect Screams
25. Christmas Vacation: Not my personal fav, but fun to watch with family

Hope you’re enjoying your Pre-Christmas week!!

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