Well, it’s the end of the day on December 21st, 2012, and we made it!
I have to admit, despite my totally rational understanding that the Mayan apocalypse was highly unlikely, there was just the teensiest bit of me that was a little nervous…
But – I am thrilled to see that no stocking up on canned foods was necessary. 

I spent last night not enduring an actual apocalypse, but attending a holiday party and bonding closely with a bottle of Grey Goose, making this morning somewhat of a vodkapocalypse.

However, through my foggy sleep and waking, I’ve had somewhat of a re-birth of thought and spirit.

One of the theories about the Mayan calendar was not that the world was going to end, but that there was going to be a rebirth. The world is going to endure a spiritual transformation, and that’s what I’m hoping for.

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that there’s been lots of ugly energy in the air lately. Bad things are haunting the collective consciousness and there seems to have been a general gloom hanging heavily around us.

As much as I hate negativity, I’ve unfortunately given into it recently.
I let a beastly spell of bad temper get the best of me several times this week, and I profoundly regret it. I’ve been über emotional all month, and I haven’t been in very good control of my emotions.
I’ve let petulance and impulsiveness run over me, and I’m desperate to turn over a new leaf.

I’m starting my New Years resolutions early. (Or late if you’re asking any Mayans)

Through the bottom of my martini glass, I made myself a promise: I’m intent on opening myself up to this new cycle of energy, and ceasing negativity. 
I’m determined to be less judgmental, and to be a beacon of positivity and patience.
Who new a French vodka could lead to such enlightened thinking?

So thank you, Ancient Mayans, wherever you are. 
For whatever reason you ended your calendar, I think it’s gonna lead to a new celestial mood that I am very much looking forward to. Even if I have to create it myself.

And thank you, chilled vodka.
You were totally worth the pain of this morning.

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