Life Discoveries 1100

  • Conflict exists to make us Better, not Bitter
  • ‘The difference between a good person and a bad person is that when a good person does something wrong they own up to it try to learn something from it’ – Ron Swanson
  • Having a signature drink is cool
  • Drink cherry juice before a workout and/or chocolate milk after to avoid sore muscles
  • Most people are related to people they don’t relate to
  • People who buy cook books & pay for music are good souls
  • Always keep a method of writing down ideas next to the bed
  • Every noodle is the same, every artichoke is different
  • In a couple, make sure you have TV shows that are all your own 
  • Looking on Web MD leads to no good
  • Never buy reduced calorie orange juice or maple syrup
  • Always have bottles of Peptobismol & IB profen at home
  • Designate before you celebrate
  • Don’t sweat stuff you can’t control
  • Always grab napkins
  • Mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide 1 part dish soap to remove red wine stains
  • Invest in a magazine subscription 
  • If you want a rainbow you need to make it through the rain
  • Staircases are much taller when you’re hungover
  • Always test your breaks in the rain
  • Expectations effect EVERY experience 

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