Bonne Année

Can you believe it’s 2013?! 
What the Whaaaaa?!?
I hope you all had a festive and fabulous New Year’s Eve!
While Jake and I had to work until Midnight last night, we had our own little celebration at home, toasting with some champagne and snuggling up together as we embarked on one of the new traditions we created this year, going through our memory jar (More on that as well as my resolutions tomorrow). 
New Years can be a time of fun, frivolity and reflection.
Or, in my case, New Years can be a time for odd life decisions…

A year ago today I fell up a mountain.
I had too many sangrias at a friend’s New Years Day party, and decided that hiking up the nearby mountain in the dark to look out over the city lights was a good idea… It wasn’t.
I fell, and my face hit a rock and it was awful.

It was bad

The fall kind of started my 2012 off on an interesting note. I was incredibly lucky to not have had worse injuries, since I missed my temple, eye, and teeth all by a mere inch or less. The damage could have been catastrophic, and I am so so fortunate. A year later and many expensive medical bills (thanks again Mom and Dad), I have a somewhat enriched outlook on life.  

2012 has effing FLOWN by, and I really feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. My first year out of college, I’m thrilled to say I’ve crossed a bunch off my to-do list and am excited for 2013. Sometimes I can have a tendency to get a little manically excited, then insanely anxious, then super nostalgic, and it can spiral any which way from there. Not that I’m the girl sitting in the corner of the party in a paper tiara with mascara running down my face, I usually have my shit together more than that, but NY is definitely one of the more pensive holidays. 

This year especially seems to have been a time for thought and anticipation because so much has happened to us and we have so many adventures and new things we’re doing this year! 

To be honest, I don’t really know where I’m going with all this.
2013 is gonna be fucking awesome. 

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