Memory Jar

Hey Gang! I mentioned in my post from yesterday that Jake and I keep what we call a memory jar throughout the year, but then ended up not elaborating on it in my post from today. Since then I’ve had multiple requests asking about it so I thought I’d send a little thing about it your way!

Memory Jar ~
I mentioned this idea in this post earlier in the year. Every time you have a lovely memory, you write it down and put it in your jar, then open them all on New Years. You can then put them in a book or something if you want. 
Jake and I opened ours on New Years Eve over some glasses of champagne and I LOVED it! It was SOOO fun to look back on things we had done and experienced over this year, and to remember special memories ranging from pinnacle moments (both of our 25th birthdays) to smaller moments like date nights or fun afternoons that we had forgotten about. 
The next day I pasted them all into a book especially for papers from our jars over the years.
This next year I’m A) Going to be better about consistency (I kinda petered out on writing them around Octover…) and B) Incorporate some more things like quotes or discoveries or accomplished goals. I’m excited. 
I hope you all are having fun coming up with your resolutions and ringing in the new year with joy and fun!

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