New New Wave, Bradley Cooper, and Home Movies: Why Life is Good

Life is really good.
There are countless reasons why, but I’m gonna sum it up for you in three big ways:

1. New Order’s NEW album!
As you may or may not know, I effing LOVE New Wave music. The 80s were my jam. One band I love is New Order, and they just came out with a new album called “Lost Sirens” that I am digging on hard. The last real new album they came out with was in 2005, and I’m so stoked to have a new one. Full disclosure, I’ve only listened to the whole album once all the way through, but I’m loving getting my dose of their sound. Check it Out!

2. Bradley Cooper
I have loved Bradley Cooper since he and Amy Poehler were the drama counselors in Wet Hot American Summer, and when The Hangover came out it re-jumped my adoration. His smile, his swaggar, and his ability to be super likable or a douche is all fantastic. With Silver Linings Playbook (which I adoreeedddd) and his Oscar nomination for it, Brad is all over the place and I’m loving reading interviews with him and the things he has to say about his career and hollywood and life in general. Plus he is a ddreeeaammm bboooaaattt! 

1. iMovie
One of my (countless) New Years resolutions is to learn how to edit video, and I just started working with iMovie to start getting a handle on it. I LOVE it! I have been so pleasantly surprised about how much I intensely enjoy the actual process of editing! There’s something so fun and focused about syncing everything up and splicing things together. I know there’s a lot of fantastic programs out there that do a lot more, and I think I’ll warm into those, but iMovie has been  a fantastic place to start – It’s so easy and intuitive and accessible (I taught myself without finding directions!). You can check out my first project on this Saturday’s post St. Martin Kingdom. (There’s also an app for it for your iPhone that lets you edit videos from your phone right there! God, I love apple.)

Notable Mentions:
– Ted Talks
– Buttercream Frosting
– My 365 photo project (I’m loving it so far!!)
– Blog Lovin
– Trail Mix
– Fancy Home Made Cocktails 
– The Valentines Day Products at Target!
– Quesedillas
– Boot Shopping

Annnnndddd This:

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