Mocassins Playlist

What’s up, what’s up audiophiles?!
First off, to any of you reading this and especially those of you who listen and subscribe to these playlists, thank you! 
My recent survey (if you haven’t taken it, please do – check it out HERE) showed that very few people are checking out these playlists, so I really appreciate you guys! 
I don’t really mind, because the playlists have always been somewhat of  a selfish endeavor, giving myself lots of new music every week. Still, I’m not sure how consistent these will be in the future, so get your groove on now!
I’m so stoked for a new year of music and discoveries, and am excited to kick off this playlist inspired by my amazing new Moccasin Boots that Jake got me for Christmas! 
Hope you like em!

1. M. Ward “I Get Ideas”

2. New Order “I’ll Stay With You”

3. The XX “Heart Skipped A Beat”

4. Ghostland Observatory “Sad Sad City”

5. Wild Child “Darling Divine”

6. Santigold “Pirate In The Water”

7. Band Of Horses “Lardeo”

8. Ladytron “Destroy Everything You Touch”

9. The Blanche Hudson Weekend “Only Snow”

10. Blouse “White”

11. Atlas Sound “Mona Lisa”

12. The Explorers Club “Do You Love Me?”

13. OneRepublic “Secrets”

14. Parenthetical Girls “Stolen Children”

15. Selah Sue “Crazy Vibes”

16. Diego Garcia “You Were Never There”

17. Lykke Li “Little Bit”

You can listen to the entire playlist (for free!) on Spotify! Check it out!

Enjoy these jams and have a great week!

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