I think we can all agree

It has everything you need, and everything you never even knew you needed!
Last night, in ONE place, I obtained: a floral backpack, a 12-pack of Modelo, double stick tape, sock monkey slippers, Moonrise Kingdom on DVD, liquid eyeliner, pizza sauce AND felt tip pens.
Seriously. If you don’t like Target, just get out of here.
(I take it back. don’t get outta here. But maybe reexamine your opinion…)

2) Watching Documentaries or Foreign Films gives some level of validity to the day…

3) The millisecond a person starts tweeting or FBing the process of going through labor, their mobile device MUST be taken away

4) Sofia Vergara’s breasts are phenomenal. No. Seriously. I’m a straight woman and they mesmerize me.
4B) Modern Family is the funniest thing ever

5) Sometimes it just feels  so right to get drunk and Facebook…

6) Jennifer Lawrence videos are THE BEST

7) And Finally – 
We should all attempt to parent our children like Tina Fey so that they’ll be this awesome:

8) I also might be a tad invested in celebrities…

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