Tavi Gevinson, I can’t decide if I Hate you or just Want to BE you

Well, it’s Friday morning and I just finished watching the love of my life Stephen Colbert interview the youngest guest who’s ever been on The Colbert Report – Tavi Gevinson.
Of. Fucking. Course.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tavi, she is the most productive and accomplished 16 year old EVER. 
The blunt-banged pixie started earning national acclaim at AGE TWELVE for her fashion forward blogging on The Style Rookie, and by 14 was being personally invited to majorly major fashion events by people like KARL EFFING LAGERFELD. 

(Rocking it in her back yard at age 11)

Since being a world-renound fashion icon wasn’t enough for a girl of 15, she founded the website Rookie Magazine, a haven for articulate teenage girls everywhere. The zine just published a book called “Rookie Yearbook One” and tours across the country doing everything cool I would ever want to do, as well as throwing parties with some of the hardest to score invites in the country. 
… When I was 16 I was preoccupied with drama club and busy lamenting the fact that I’d still never been kissed…
But I really do wonder what I potentially could have accomplished if I’d been a teenager in today’s world of the internet. When I was Tavi’s age, I barely had AOL Dial-Up. I expressed myself with messy collages and elaborately decorated pages of notebook paper. 
It’s incredible and awesome and amazing what the world of blogging and internet can produce.

This pint-sized poet of everything that is cool accomplishes more before I get out of bed in the morning than I do in months. And by months I mean years.
Of course the easiest thing to do is hate and resent her.
But I can’t.
She’s just too fucking impressive. 
And how is it possible to hate someone who at 11 wrote something like this:
Today whenever someone said something I didn’t care to hear I imagined all the leather in my outfit interrupting, it was for some reason very amusing!

“Tavi, if you keep drawing whiskers and ears on all your Q’s you’ll have to redo you-“
It’s not. It’s not possible. 
I mean look at this kid!

Oh. Did I mention along with being RODARTE’S MUSE, a quick wit, author of a massively successful website, and full time student that she’s also a musician? And photographer? And designer? WHAAAAAAAAAA?!

Ok, now I think I’m having a melt down about what a loser I am…

I gotta get it together. I can’t resent, I need to embrace. Embrace the fact that along with the technology addiction and scariness the internet is producing, it’s also helping to create and promote someone like this.
She’s articulate, stylish, interesting and fucking adorable. 

I’m sorry Tavi – You’re amazing. I wish I’d had someone like you when I was 16. You rock. For me to be this consistently inspired and motivated by someone 9 years my junior is incredible. 

You dress cooler to go to science lab than I do, well, ever basically. 
Despite the somewhat hostile title of this piece (my bad), this has pretty much just become an ode to Tavi Gevinson. Of which, I am positive, there are countless. 

She is my new muse for fashion, discipline and productivity.
Dammit, Tavi.

Thank you for reminding me to get shit done and let my freak flag fly.
(See the Colbert Interview Here & watch a great interview with Jimmy Fallon HERE.) 
(Then check out this NY Times profile HERE)

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