Positive Ions Playlist

Hey hey there audio lovers!
Recently I learned about positive ions in the air and how important it is for our energy and attitude to make sure we’re absorbing them. The more out in nature you are, the more positive ions are around you in the air! (You can read some about it Here). Anyhoo, I decided that even though I can’t be on a mountain-top today that I can make a happy bopping playlist and call it positive ions. So here it is.
Go get your positive ions on!

1. Oberhofer “HEART” 

2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Thrift Shop – Feat. Wanz”

3. Local Natives “Wide Eyes”

4. The Brothers Comatose “Blackbirds” 

5. Bad Books “Forest Whitaker”

6. Millionyoung “Perfect Eyes”

7. Smoke & Jackal “No Tell”

8. Django Django “Default”

9. Cody Chestnutt “I’ve Been Life”

10. The Cloud Room “Hey Now Now”

11. Blondfire “Where The Kids Are”

12. Cayucas “Cayucos”

13. The Shins “Australia”

14. Night Terrors of 1927 “Dust and Bones”

15. Ra Ra Riot “Beta Love”

You Can listen to the whole Playlist on Spotify! Check it Out!

Enjoy these and have a fantastic week!

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