An Open Thank You Note

Dear Everyone – 
Thank You.
This is a note for all the people I’ll never talk to or meet or see again but who, whether they know it or not, make my life better.

To the woman who let me cut across 3 lanes of traffic during rush hour the other day. I made it to work on time because of you. It was really great. Thank you. 

Hey woman at the Khiels counter who gave me a bunch of free samples the last couple times I went to Dillards – Thank You. I’m a broke writer and can’t afford the fancy skin care products I’ve grown accustomed to. I might seem like a mooch, but I really made the most of that face mask and eye cream you gave me. Thank you.

Thank you Babies. All babies. You make me smile and see the hope and opportunity in the world as you discover anything and everything. I love you, babies. Especially those of you who don’t cry on airplanes. Thanks.

A big thanks to Spotify users. Seriously. You all keep me with more good music than I ever could hope for and you unknowingly help create the soundtrack to my life. Thank You. 

Thank you to everyone who helps my grandma in public places. She is tiny and slow and doesn’t make very much sense sometimes. Thank you for helping her.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. You inspire, entertain, discipline, encourage, stimulate, impress and exhilarate me. And women everywhere. I worship you and aspire to be even an iota as amazing as you are. Thank you thank you thank you.

The busboy who gave me your phone number the other day – thank you. I’m definitely taken and not interested, but it gave me a cuteness-confidence boost and I appreciate you. 

Some more big celeb-u-thanks to Ellen DeGenerous, Tavi Gevinson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gretchen Rubin, Jenny Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Jon Stewart, Morrissey, Sofia Coppola, Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, and Tom Jones. You guys rock.

The people who donate awesome stuff to goodwill. I have a decent record collection, vintage dresses, and countless other things thanks to you. 

And last but not least, thank you to all the wonderful writers out there. TV writers, novelists, self-helpers, poets, comedians, bloggers everyone. You rock. Thank you.

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