Pink Empowerment

Do you ever do something that just completely rejuvenates your sense of self?

A decision that somehow, for whatever reason, makes you really feel confident that you’re on the path towards who you want to be?
Something that’s utterly gratifying, even though it can be simple as finding out what your favorite drink is, or buying the perfect pair of boots?

For me, that moment was dying part of my hair pink.

Having wanted to do this forever, and finally taking the plunge, this seemingly small act has jumpstarted my confidence & motivation, and given me a clear line of what direction I want to be headed in. 

I want to play Morrissey on the ukulele, and write a screenplay, and day drink.
… And not be as pretentious as that just sounded…
I want to visit flea markets instead of museums when I’m on vacation, and eat breakfast for dinner and to say fuck off to criticism.
I dunno. I’m rambling.
This whole thing just has me feeling pretty empowered.

I’m ready to let my freak flag fly.

I don’t want to second-guess my instagrams about whether they’re cool enough.
I did enough second guessing in middle school, & all it did was make me miserable enough to drown my sorrows in cafeteria pizza… No. Bueno.

I’m done with it.
I need to accept that some people may like me & some may not, that’s what makes the world go round. I’m a weirdo, hear me roar. 

I think we all need a little pink empowerment in our lives.
Do exactly what makes you happy (unless its heroin. or zip lining. Not worth it.)
Follow your inner compass. Spend 150$ on a massage from a shaman, get that tattoo, wear shorts in public. 

I feel like in life, and specifically in our twenties, it’s hard not to second guess & scrutinize every decision we make. Maybe it’s not just in our twenties, but since I’m not older than that I couldn’t say for sure.

Although, I do think our generation in particular finds itself crippled with options, & we need to focus on turning that into a positive instead of like a terrifying fate.
Things are not as permanent as they seem, and very few decisions can’t be undone.
We just need to take the plunge.
Dye the hair pink.

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