Lulu Playlist

What’s Up, What’s Up, Listeners!
Today’s playlist is dedicated to a wonderful friend of mine, whose nick name from me is Lulu (Long Story). A lovely girl with a lovely spirit, she is always encouraging and kind, and someone I genuinely look forward to seeing. She also has a killer singing voice and I think of her often when I discover cool new chanteuses. Not all of the artists on today’s list are women, but a big chunk of them are, and this is my mix for her to inspire and encourage. Lulu you’re gonna win that blue ribbon!
Hope you all enjoy this mix to listen to and let it inspire you to send some love to the lovely friends in your world!

1. Lenka “Trouble Is A Friend”

2. Priscilla Ahn “Dream”

3. Wakey! Wakey! “Brooklyn”

4. Ra Ra Riot “Dance With Me”

5. Local Natives “Heavy Feet”

6. The Bird and The Bee “I Can’t Go For That”

7. Darwin Deez “Radar Detector”

8. MS MR “Bones”

9. Noisettes “Never Forget You”

10. The Tings Tings “Great DJ”

11. Crystal Fighters “At Home”

12. Steel Train “Bullet”

13. Passenger “Shape Of Love (feat. Boy & Bear)

14. Blind Benny “Take The Hit”

15. She & Him “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” (*Smiths Cover)

Just like every playlist, you can listen to the whole playlist (For FREE) on Spotify!!! Check it out!

Enjoy these tunes and have a wonderful week!

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