Blog Renovation

Hey Guys!

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting a little less lately. And that is because (drum roll please….) I am renovating!!! 

I’m switching blogging software, reorganizing, redesigning, reformatting, the whole shebang!!! 

You may also have noticed that I’m switching my focus a little more towards videos. Which I hope you’re all watching and enjoying and *cough* subscribing to *cough*! 

I haven’t been posting a ton, and will continue to focus on the remodel for now with just a couple posts a week.

Keep checking in, sharing it, watching it, all the amazing stuff you’ve been doing so far! Also if you like the blog, PLEASE like it on Facebook if you haven’t yet! Just click HERE

I’m excited for the new version and I hope you all like it! I’ll keep you posted!!!

Thanks for the patience, support and interest!
You guys rock!


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