Interview with Band All Boy/All Girl!

Hey Guys!
Exciting stuff – I was hanging out with a friend of mine recently, and he put on the EP of the band All Boy/All Girl. In less than two full songs, I was hooked! They’re wonderful! 

Here’s how they describe themselves:

All Boy/All Girl at seven members is lead by two strong female vocals and supported by an eccentric string section. They draw influence from electronic music, 20th century classical, early jazz, and american pop music.

With their unique and intricate blend of strings, haunting vocals and alluring melodies, I had to learn more about the Brooklyn-Based group!
I contacted their lead vocalist, Danielle Lovier and asked if I could interview her and members of the band and she said yes! 

The questions below were answered by Danielle Lovier (Lead Vocals/Ukulele), Nick Rahn (Double Bass), and Jessie Rogowski (Vocals/Guitar). 

T: How would you describe your style of music?

Nick: This is always a difficult question for us. The arrangements of the songs and instrumentation lean slightly towards chamber music, and vocally there is a theatrical edge. I think the music is kind of flirty and shimmery. 

Danielle: We like to imagine each song as it’s own genre that we make up of various fantasized genres. We are always just trying to find the sounds and feels that we like.
T:What artists influence you?

Nick: The palate of influence is always changing for me. I’m really into the beach boys album “pet sounds” Also I love Sam Cooke. I think the recordings he made sound really great. Some more modern stuff I check out includes the dirty projectors, deerhunter, neutral milk hotel. I also love more abstract contemporary classical music.

T: What non-music related things inspires you?

Nick: I’m really into science, also reading poetry or going to see some art can be really inspiring. I think people watching is really creatively stimulating as well.

Jessie: Walking in prospect park

T: What would you say your live performances are like?
Danielle: I think dynamic is a good word for it. We have some really mellow sections, and also some really intense sections. I’d say our shows are also engaging. 

Nick: Danielle and Jessie do a great job of engaging the audience, and if two pretty girls singing to you isn’t enough we’ve got 5 other instrumentalists to pay attention to.

T: What is your favorite thing about performing live? How about recording?

Nick: Live performance is all about energy. With recording I really love experimenting with sounds. And listening deeply at the nuances of the instruments

Jessie: The adrenaline and rush of performing a new song. The audience’s reaction. Looking around at the band and seeing each member deep in their element.

T: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Nick: Aside from getting 7 people in a room together in NYC to rehearse haha, the hardest part is just navigating the over saturated New York music scene. The booking process can be painful at times. 

Danielle: Also just standing out from the sea of thousands of other bands here that are all trying to do the same thing.

T: What advice do you have for people working in music?
Nick: I wish I had some, we are still trying to figure it out ourselves

Jessie: The more you work together as a team, the better and more confident you will feel as a band .

T: Anything else you’d like to mention?
Look out for our debut full length album to release some time this summer!

T: And now for my Five Fundamental Questions:

– What’s your favorite cocktail?
Danielle: Grapefruit mimosas and practically anything with gin.

– What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Danielle: “It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow” – my mother

– What 3 items other than food & water would you take to a deserted island?
Danielle: a really comfy mattress, a knife, a flint

– What’s Your biggest pet peeve?
Danielle: Bad grammar

– If you could befriend one fictional character who would it be?
Danielle: Totoro

Thanks for the interview guys! 

You ALL should check out their music and more on their website: AND find them on Facebook HERE!! You can also listen to their stuff for free HERE on sound cloud!

AND!!! Watch their brand new fun music video for their song “Water”!!!

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