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Heart List 3 ~ 3 ~ 2013

School House Brand Monogrammed SweatersThis Interview with Morrissey, Decorating, Basically Everything Jennifer Lawrence says and does, Aeropress coffee makers, Cheese Plates (Duh.)
‘Expedit’ Record Shelves from Ikea, Two-Tone Oxfords, Mini Golf, The Cherry Blossom Girl Blog, EVERY FLAVOR of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, Pretty Much Amazing Music Blog, Having Cash


Foam Magazine (This month is the blogger issue AND has Zosia Mamet on the cover!), Spring Cleaning, Chocolate Covered Pop Corn, Whiskey Stones, Blueberry Muffins, 



Heart List 2 ~ 24 ~ 2013

Columbian Coffee, MGMT, Sonoran Hot Dogs (SO good), Vodka Martinis (The Dirtier the Better), Heidi Braids (There’s a good Tutorial HERE), Fresh Clean Sheets, VLOGGING!!!! (Make sure you Check Em Out)
The 50 Most Romantic Things Ever (You WILL Cry), Tapas, Phil Dunfy, Bagged Lunches, Fresh Mascara, Trader Joes Mini Ice Cream Cones (mmmm), The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter
This Hilarious Video about Anne Hathaway’s Nomination, Food Trucks, New Girl (I fucking love you Jess and Nick), Young Warren Beatty (Yes Please), Seared Ahi, H&M Blazers

Heart List 2 ~ 10 ~ 2013

Giphy (Search for all the GIFs!!), Crowned Bird, This Interview with New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether (“Funny women are honest women” Yes.), Sound Cloud, Pale Pink Hair
McDonald’s Hash Browns (mmmmm), Top Shop, Podcasts, Lace Affair, Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection! (I know, right?!? Feb 27th!), Bourbon, Valentines Everything!!!!

Ruche Clothing, The Django Unchained Soundtrack, La Belle Rebelle Swimwear, Movie Quote & Fun Embroidery Hoops from Dearmoonbeams on Etsy, Shabby Apple, Carmex

Heart List 2 ~ 3 ~ 13

Chalula Hot Sauce, These Shots of Disneyland from the 50s, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Key Lime Pie, Soul Pancake, Girl Scout Cookies!!!!! – Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs!!!! Yum!
Tweenysomething, Lasagna, Free People, Sidecars (Mmmmmm), Vine (It’s like Instagram for Video! Whaa?!), Warby Parker Optical (So Great), American Apparel’s Easy Jeans (I’m Obsessed!)

Tiki Bars (I don’t understand why no one ever wants to go with me!), Girl Meets Notebook,, Caramels, Filleosophy, Tennis (The Band, not the Sport), Les Mis as Mean Girls, Disney’s Short Animated Film Paperman

Heart List 1 ~ 27 ~ 2013

The Documentary Happy, The 35 Best Ellen Moments, Wrapped Journals, Mario Rodriguez’s site: Oro Continua, This AV Club article about 30 Rock’s most influential episodes, Arcade Fire, Bait Footwear, iCloud, This Video Article
Jenny Lewis (Look for a Rilo Kiley B-Sides Album this year AND her score to the movie Very Good Girls), Americans for Responsible Solutions, Iris Apfel, Sephora’s Bling It On Nail Art KitBRETON TOPS!!! 

This List of 63 Celebs’ Yearbook Pics, Boboli Pizza Crust, Having a full Tank of Gas, These Tips for Morning Shortcuts, Obama’s Inauguration (You still my bu, Beyonce), Ellen’s YouTube Channel, Layer Cake Malbec

Heart List 1 ~ 20 ~ 2013

Sales at Mod Cloth, Egg-White Omeletts, Dear Creatures’ Clothing, Elbow Patches, Bite Comedy Site, THIS Ted TalkBad Gal Lash mascara by Benefit, Untitled No. 5Chris Noth (I love you, Mr. Big)

Patterned Tights (I’m obsesssseedd), ASK AMY! (Amy Poehler answers girls’ questions!! LOVE. HER!), Asian iCandy shop, Elsie’s rad INSTAX WALLPAPER on ABM, Tabby Cats, It’s A Shame About Amy

Erin Long’s recurring column: 5 Ways Something Ruined My LifeFrye Melissa Button Boots, This Interesting Article on male contraceptives, The Baby BangsWhy Tina & Amy Rocked the Goldy GlobesBar Carts

Heart List 1 ~ 13 ~ 2012

Catamarans, Pea Coats, Banks Beer from Barbados, Frizz-Ease, Chicken Mofongo, Panama Hats, iMovie (It’s SO fun and easy to use! I love it!), Lace-Up Ankle Boots, My Mac Book
Waterproof Digital Cameras, Kodiak Cake Flapjack Mix, Baby Lips Lip Balm, AMY POEHLER AND TINA FEY ROCKING the Golden Globes! I effing looooovvveee ttthheeemmmm!!!!
Taking Video, Nice Leather Bomber Jackets, Jet Skiing, The New Season of GIRLS!, Snorkeling, Ceviche, Ray-Ban Aviators, Cyndi Bands Hair Ties, Caesar Salad, Banana Republic Jeans