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Billy Zane is my Home Boy

What’s Up, Yo??!
Today’s title should be a clear-enough intro to today’s video…


Keep Vloggin On

Hey Gang!
I had such a good time recording my first video last week that I decided to do it again! Please check out my thoughts on current Television in the video below!

This Week I Discovered Hot Sauce, Held a Pants Funeral, and Had Multiple Laughgasms…

It was a big week.

I’ll start with the Hot Sauce.

I don’t know about other parts of the country, but where I live, people put Hot Sauce on everything. I have spent YEARS of my life scoffing at the weirdos and the odd-taste-budded for piling on the Tabasco. It just seemed unnatural. 
Then finally, this week, I took the plunge, and dolled up my cheese pizza with some Chalula.

Game. Effing. Changed. 

The problem now is that I want to eat pizza even more. And that’s saying a lot considering pizza takes up a good 40% of my daily thoughts.
Yes I’m serious.
Ok, maybe it’s like 20% pizza and 20% about the beer I want to drink with said pizza, but we’ll just round it. 

Thanks a lot, Hot Sauce.
No… Seriously… Thank you. 
I love you.

Now we move on to the Pants Funeral.

Have you ever had a perfect pair of pants?
I’m not talking about the kind that you really really like and wear a lot or the kind that you wear every single day.
I’m talking about the kind of pants that are so perfect you smile just thinking about them. The kind of pants that get you through the good times and the bad. (Also known as the skinny days and the fat.)
The kind of pants that when they finally rip in that unsightly place between your thigh and your butt – that place that no patch can fix – that place where all pants inevitably do rip – you literally WEEP?!
That kind?!
Well I have. And they just died.

I went through all the five stages of grief:

Denial: They’re fine! No one will even see that part of my body where they’re ripped!
Bargaining: Ok, if I can just find a way to patch these up, all will be well.
Depression: What’s the point of even getting dressed? No outfit is worth it without my black stovepipes.
Acceptance: Literally half of my butt is now showing –  I can’t fight it anymore.

The term funeral may have been a bit excessive.
All I did was make a slideshow of all the good times we had together set to a certain 90’s Sarah McLachlan song…

I’m totally fucking with you.

It was to “Endless Love”

It’s only one of three inannimate objects I’ve truly mourned – the earlier two being a pair of pink tweety bird high tops in third grade and my hunk-o-junk amazing first car.
Man, I miss those guys.

Fortunately I didn’t spend too much time mourning my jeans, because A) I discovered American Apparal’s Easy Jeans (A.Mazing) and B) had a really hilarious week –  which leads us to the laughgasm…

This last week between rolling on the floor at work with one of my best friends laughing so hard it hurt, as well as visiting my bestie and the 3 bottles of champagne we consumed, I have decided to officially coin the term Laughgasm.

Ya know when you laugh so hard and so long that your body just feels SO GOOD after? 
It’s like a super cathartic experience that leaves you with a total high? When you can barely breathe after and your stomach hurts but it doesn’t matter because you basically just OD’d on endorphins, and everything feels amazing, even though you were having such a good time you literally knocked a couch over, and it didn’t even matter because that made you laugh even harder?
THAT’s a laughgasm.

You read it here first:





the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of hilarious excitation, usually resulting from stimulation of the humor gland and usually accompanied by shortness of breath and continued giggling.

an instance of experiencing this.

intense or unrestrained laughter for a prolonged period of time.

an instance or occurrence of such excitement.

None of these events particularly tie together, but somehow create a real through-line of my week. 
It’s been a good time.

Tavi Gevinson, I can’t decide if I Hate you or just Want to BE you

Well, it’s Friday morning and I just finished watching the love of my life Stephen Colbert interview the youngest guest who’s ever been on The Colbert Report – Tavi Gevinson.
Of. Fucking. Course.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tavi, she is the most productive and accomplished 16 year old EVER. 
The blunt-banged pixie started earning national acclaim at AGE TWELVE for her fashion forward blogging on The Style Rookie, and by 14 was being personally invited to majorly major fashion events by people like KARL EFFING LAGERFELD. 

(Rocking it in her back yard at age 11)

Since being a world-renound fashion icon wasn’t enough for a girl of 15, she founded the website Rookie Magazine, a haven for articulate teenage girls everywhere. The zine just published a book called “Rookie Yearbook One” and tours across the country doing everything cool I would ever want to do, as well as throwing parties with some of the hardest to score invites in the country. 
… When I was 16 I was preoccupied with drama club and busy lamenting the fact that I’d still never been kissed…
But I really do wonder what I potentially could have accomplished if I’d been a teenager in today’s world of the internet. When I was Tavi’s age, I barely had AOL Dial-Up. I expressed myself with messy collages and elaborately decorated pages of notebook paper. 
It’s incredible and awesome and amazing what the world of blogging and internet can produce.

This pint-sized poet of everything that is cool accomplishes more before I get out of bed in the morning than I do in months. And by months I mean years.
Of course the easiest thing to do is hate and resent her.
But I can’t.
She’s just too fucking impressive. 
And how is it possible to hate someone who at 11 wrote something like this:
Today whenever someone said something I didn’t care to hear I imagined all the leather in my outfit interrupting, it was for some reason very amusing!

“Tavi, if you keep drawing whiskers and ears on all your Q’s you’ll have to redo you-“
It’s not. It’s not possible. 
I mean look at this kid!

Oh. Did I mention along with being RODARTE’S MUSE, a quick wit, author of a massively successful website, and full time student that she’s also a musician? And photographer? And designer? WHAAAAAAAAAA?!

Ok, now I think I’m having a melt down about what a loser I am…

I gotta get it together. I can’t resent, I need to embrace. Embrace the fact that along with the technology addiction and scariness the internet is producing, it’s also helping to create and promote someone like this.
She’s articulate, stylish, interesting and fucking adorable. 

I’m sorry Tavi – You’re amazing. I wish I’d had someone like you when I was 16. You rock. For me to be this consistently inspired and motivated by someone 9 years my junior is incredible. 

You dress cooler to go to science lab than I do, well, ever basically. 
Despite the somewhat hostile title of this piece (my bad), this has pretty much just become an ode to Tavi Gevinson. Of which, I am positive, there are countless. 

She is my new muse for fashion, discipline and productivity.
Dammit, Tavi.

Thank you for reminding me to get shit done and let my freak flag fly.
(See the Colbert Interview Here & watch a great interview with Jimmy Fallon HERE.) 
(Then check out this NY Times profile HERE)

113 for 2013 Playlist

Welcome to the first playlist of 2013, Listeners!
I’m so excited about finding tons of new music to share this year!
I thought I’d kick the year off with my favorites from all 50 playlists from 2012! You might wanna try listening to this on shuffle to get a nice wide variety!

There are too many to list, so please check out the playlist on Spotify! 

Enjoy these, and I hope your year is going great so far!


Well, it’s the end of the day on December 21st, 2012, and we made it!
I have to admit, despite my totally rational understanding that the Mayan apocalypse was highly unlikely, there was just the teensiest bit of me that was a little nervous…
But – I am thrilled to see that no stocking up on canned foods was necessary. 

I spent last night not enduring an actual apocalypse, but attending a holiday party and bonding closely with a bottle of Grey Goose, making this morning somewhat of a vodkapocalypse.

However, through my foggy sleep and waking, I’ve had somewhat of a re-birth of thought and spirit.

One of the theories about the Mayan calendar was not that the world was going to end, but that there was going to be a rebirth. The world is going to endure a spiritual transformation, and that’s what I’m hoping for.

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that there’s been lots of ugly energy in the air lately. Bad things are haunting the collective consciousness and there seems to have been a general gloom hanging heavily around us.

As much as I hate negativity, I’ve unfortunately given into it recently.
I let a beastly spell of bad temper get the best of me several times this week, and I profoundly regret it. I’ve been über emotional all month, and I haven’t been in very good control of my emotions.
I’ve let petulance and impulsiveness run over me, and I’m desperate to turn over a new leaf.

I’m starting my New Years resolutions early. (Or late if you’re asking any Mayans)

Through the bottom of my martini glass, I made myself a promise: I’m intent on opening myself up to this new cycle of energy, and ceasing negativity. 
I’m determined to be less judgmental, and to be a beacon of positivity and patience.
Who new a French vodka could lead to such enlightened thinking?

So thank you, Ancient Mayans, wherever you are. 
For whatever reason you ended your calendar, I think it’s gonna lead to a new celestial mood that I am very much looking forward to. Even if I have to create it myself.

And thank you, chilled vodka.
You were totally worth the pain of this morning.

Life Discoveries California Edition

  • There’s always another wave
  • Nobody should live in a major city without a smart phone
  • Hotel Bars are super duper expensive and super delicious
  • People who work at Surf Shops are either super nice or super un-helpful
  • Never miss an opportunity to watch a beach sunset
  • Toyotas are awesome
  • Neil Diamond is the perfect travel companion
  • Padded bikini tops are amazing… until the padding fills up with water like a sponge…
  • YOU have the choice to ignore the calories listed on menus
  • You get what you pay for
  • Brixton Apparel is a super cool company
  • Cruise Control is a genius invention
  • Champagne and Vodka are a surprising, dangerous, and delicious mix
  • Save the Cat
  • Sometimes you just need a cheeseburger
  • Don’t let a rainy day dampen your spirits
  • Always break in a new pair of shoes before traveling with them
  • Arrange for a late check-out whenever possible
  • Hydrate
  • The iPhone is the best photo tool ever
  • When in doubt – OVER PACK
  • Get in the water
  • When going out in a group agree on how you’re gonna split the check in advance and tell the server up front
  • Visit Museums!
  • Turning off the lap-top for a few days is good for the soul
  • Send Post Cards
  • Things to always pack: LBD, iPhone, Aquanet & Dry Shampoo, Travel Hat, & a Sweatshirt 
  • Take too many pictures
  • Freeways don’t have to be scary
  • Buy yourself thoughtful and nice souvenirs
  • Try all the beers
  • Take cheap sunglasses to the beach
  • Do every day on your own terms